Saturday, May 21, 2011

more pictures of sally's house

Sally sent me a few more pictures of the remodel I did!  They're all from her phone, so they're not the best quality, but hopefully they'll give you a better feel for what I did.  Here are some BEFORE pictures, to give you a sense of the space before the renovation:

Now for some after pictures.  In the first one, you can see I chose new, darker hardwood floors and a new stair runner.  Before I think the stairs were carpeted?  I never actually saw the house before I started working on it and helped design it from a distance while I was moving from Maine back to Colorado.  So anyway, we needed a stair runner, so Sally's dog Motley could make it up and down the steep stairs without falling.

I had the kitchen cabinets painted white and selected new hardware for them.  Also, the size of the island countertop was decreased to allow for more room in the adjacent dining area and marble counters and back splash were put in.  At first, we were going to do a white subway tile back splash, but contractors were being unreliable and we figured we'd just do this the easiest and most time-efficient way.  Plus, in such a small kitchen, having the same material on the counters and back splash isn't as overwhelming as it is in a larger space.  Sally plans on replacing her refrigerator to be stainless steel sometime soon, but it wasn't in the budget for the original renovation.  

Probably my least favorite view of the space.  It looks so empty!  Sally plans to build a mantle at some point and I think we need to find a very thin side table or bookshelf to go under the painting on the wall.  The problem is there is not much room between the couch and the wall and we don't want the table to get in the way of the couch.  You can't really tell from the picture, but the chairs pick up on the colors in the painting.

A gorgeous mirror that Sally already owned.  I am pretty much in love with this mirror.  The wood is from somewhere in South or Central America (I can't remember where) and intricately engraved.  Sally brought it back to the states and had it retrofitted as a mirror long before I ever met her.  I made sure it was prominently displayed!  Also, you can see in this picture that the wall that separated the stairs from the living area was removed to give a more spacious feel.  Underneath the stairs we created a storage compartment, where all of Sally's electronics can be tucked away.

A view of the dining area, the Jonathan Adler (!) bar cart and the scene over the bar cart.  Sally really wanted to include the antlers she already had and those gorgeous prints from the Smithsonian.  I also love that Sally's first and last initials are the same, so she only had to get one "S" on her table runner.  So cool.

Two new chairs provide more seating and some color!  The table in between them is one of my favorite things in the space.

A view from the couch looking into the dining area and kitchen.  Throw pillows add more color to the space.  You can also see how badly a smaller countertop was needed to provide more space! 

This is the picture I showed in a previous post...I figured I'd just include it again, since it makes more sense to see it with all of the other pictures too.


  1. Beautiful beautiful job! It looks so much more cohesive now!

  2. Wow! I am so impressed- you did a great job! I love seeing the before and after photos.