Saturday, May 14, 2011

kansas city

Wow.  We're here.  These past two weeks have gone by so quickly that it hardly seems real.  We left Vail in 26 degree snowy weather and were sweltering in 90+ degree heat in KC a week later!  Now the weather here has fallen back to 55 degrees.  People keep joking and saying, "Welcome to Kansas City."  As if somehow this weather is terrible.  I guess people just like to complain about the weather no matter where you live.

Living here has been great so far.  We're currently staying with Dan's parents as we try to get our lives in order.  It is so nice, especially because Dan's mom is a really good cook and she has already shown me around to lots of cool places.  More on that to come.  After having lived in a destination town for so long, it feels like such a luxury to have so many things and stores at our fingertips.  Like, getting an oil change doesn't have to be done exclusively at Walmart anymore.  All of the options are almost overwhelming!  I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) want to go to all of the grocery stores and just wander the aisles looking at all of the different products.  I love grocery stores.  OH and my phone battery lasts twice as long now that it's not constantly searching for service! Love that!

Of course, I am also working on applying to jobs.  If anyone has any leads, please let me know!  The only thing I don't want to do again is sales.  Other than that, I'm open to anything and everything.  Well, within reason obviously.  I know that this economy isn't necessarily favorable to the job hunter, but I am hoping to find something that aligns with my values and interests.  I don't think that's asking too much, since my interests are quite varied.  I forgot how tedious and intimidating the job search process can be. I have just started scratching the surface of online postings and am trying to figure out which jobs would be a good fit.  It seems like everything is either executive level or only requires a high school diploma.  And I, unfortunately (fortunately?), fall in between those two categories.  It doesn't help that I have no idea what I want to do...human resources? Business-y business? What does that even mean? Marketing? Interior design? Healthcare industry? Go back to school?  Yikes.  The amount of options almost paralyzes me.  I guess it's better than being pigeonholed into one career? I just need to find something so I don't go crazy! Oh, and that whole getting paid thing would be pretty cool too.


  1. Hey Kristen,

    I wish I knew someone in Kansas city I could refer you to for a job. The transition period you are in now is exciting, but I can see how it can be a little uncertain with the job situation. Sometimes the path you are supposed to go down makes itself quite apparent as other options either close off temporarily or new doors of opportunity open that you know you should walk through. Enjoy all the newness that is discovering a new town, and all its little gems. :)

    P.S. having cell phone battery life that holds its charge is exciting :)