Wednesday, May 4, 2011

moab take 2, part 2

Sorry for the delay in posting...we have safely made it from Vail to Kansas City in spite of impending snowstorms (in Vail, not KC, duh) and are enjoying the sunny, 70 degree weather.  It is so green here and the birds are chirping! So nice.  Anyway, here are pictures from our trip to Arches National Park:

The Three Gossips...I like to think of them as the gatekeepers whispering away about the people entering the park.

Balance Rock...I wonder how many people think it was artificially placed up there. Pretty amazing, no?

Better watch out for them man-eating jackrabbits and that killer cacti....heyyy, dude.  (sorry, couldn't resist.)

Delicate Arch

Dan inside Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch inside Dan's new sunnies.  Happy Birthday, Dan!

An arch within an arch.

Petroglyphs drawn (written?) by the Ute Indians sometime between 1650 and 1850.  

Can you find our little friend?  Wonder where he came from...


  1. The man eating jackelope right? Those arches, and blue skies are just amazing.

    P.S. I seriously sat looking at that last photo like I was looking at a 3d print waiting for something to pop out. I even called my husband over, and said, "what am I looking for?" He said the same thing I was thinking. So, what are we looking for? A lizard, bug, or snake? He thinks it must be whatever is on that green blob halfway up the pick (it is sitting on green gunk that looks like a guys side profile with a beard).

  2. it might be jackelope! i can't remember correctly. i'm glad you like the pictures! the last one has a little baby duckling right in the center. he was so adorable and we didn't see any other ducks anywhere...i really hope he wasn't too lost! i'll post another picture where he's easier to see...i didn't realize it was so hard in that one!