Monday, May 9, 2011

a late spring/early summer list

So, it's a bit late for a spring list, but now that I'm in Kansas City with wonderful weather (okay, right now it's a bit hot for me, but I'm trying not to be a wimp...), I am inspired to do all sorts of things.  Of course, it's easy to imagine finding the time to do all of this stuff while unemployed...but in addition to finding a job, these are (some of) the things I want to do this summer:

1.  take pictures of Kansas City with my new camera
2.  run outside.  a. lot.
3.  plant and grow vegetables and/or flowers

photo by judy white

4.  swim in the lake
5.  catch fireflies in a jar
6.  bake things when I'm no longer at high-altitude

photo by Michelle at une-deux senses

7.  become crafty
8.  have a picnic
9.  keep knitting

braided scarf
10.  make my own cheese
11.  make my own jam
12.  celebrate holidays in an over-the-top cheesy manner

martha stewart
13.  put my toes in the ocean (it might be too cold to swim when I'm first in Maine)
14.  eat a lot of caprese salads with delicious, fresh tomatoes
15.  drive my car in Kansas City and be able to see out the back window for the first time ever (normally it's overflowing with stuff for a cross country move)

Kansas City Public Library found on Pinterest via
16.  make it to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game?  maybe this is wishful thinking...
17.  try to make macarons (and hopefully not fail too miserably)
18.  refurbish some old piece of furniture

chair after

19.  find the perfect shoes to wear to Sara's wedding
20.  make a cool way to hang/organize my jewelry
21.  actually wear my jewelry

jewelry on hooks

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