Monday, May 16, 2011


Come visit me in Kansas City.  And when you do, I'll take you to Manifesto.  If we can get in that is.  On Saturday night, Dan and I were lucky enough to get invited to join his sister, brother-in-law and their friends to celebrate Cara's birthday.  Modeled after speakeasies of the Prohibition period, Manifesto exudes a very intimate, yet exciting vibe.  In fact, to enter, you must text your reservation (if you can even get one) and come in through a back alleyway.

Once you've made your way down what appears to be a normal back staircase, everything is transformed into a mysterious old-fashioned world.  Although alcohol is no longer prohibited (phew!), I did still feel a bit furtive in this basement bar.  Even the servers wear vests and nice shirts to complete the picture. 

The dimly lit room is filled with booths and tables.  You must have a table reserved to get in, lending Manifesto a much more sophisticated atmosphere than most bars.  Perhaps my favorite speakeasy detail is on the back of the drink menu, where the expected etiquette is written out.  Specifically, "No yelling, screaming, hollering, shouting, fighting, or other unnecessarily loud vocalizations unless it is an attempt to warn fellow patrons or employees of impending danger or police raid."

The drink menu is unbelievable.  Filled with completely original takes on classics and brand new drinks, it almost overwhelms you.  Luckily the servers are very nice and helpful with their explanations and recommendations.  And while the menu looks unbelievable, the drinks taste even better.

I ordered the Winter in Buenos Aires and the Tempest and loved both of them.  (Please note that the image above only shows the rum section of the drink menu and that there are many more drinks offered in different categories, like gin and tequila.) The Winter in Buenos Aires was so unexpected and new. And, of course, I had to get the drink that featured butternut squash!  And the Tempest was a wonderful take on a Dark and Stormy.  We also all tried each other's drinks, which was maybe my favorite part.  Each drink was so unique...even the ice cubes are hand chipped!  

In case you couldn't already tell by my rave review, my experience at Manifesto was thoroughly enjoyable.  I can't wait to go back to try more of their drinks! Quietly, of course.

All images are from Manifesto's Facebook page.  I highly recommend that you "like" them!