Sunday, May 1, 2011

moab take 2, part 1

Is going to Moab twice in one month overkill?  I think not.  I must admit that at first I wasn't so excited to be going back...but this second trip showed me I knew/know nothing about all the wonders Moab has to offer.  I finally made it to Canyonlands National Park and was completely blown away.  More on that later though, because Dan (as I have mentioned numerous times) is a much better photog than I and took some pretty awesome pictures.

sweet face. sigh.

Dan kept trying to take pictures of the rock formations along the way to Moab.  I tried to tell him to wait until Moab, but he wouldn't.  In person, the lower part of these formations remind me of dinosaur spines.  Not that I've ever seen a dinosaur...

UTAH! Finally!

The BLM campsites in Moab run along the Colorado River.  These are some of the rock walls lining the canyon.  The picture doesn't do their size justice....a person up there would look like an ant.

The sun setting over the other side of the river canyon.  This is the view from our campsite the first night.

Our tent, right along the Colorado.  You can't tell from this picture, but there is probably a 20 foot drop right past our tent down to the river.  I made Dan sleep on the edge.  :)

A view down the canyon towards the town of Moab.

Dan loves tending the campfire.

The sunset lighting up the gorgeous orange rocks.

Possibly my favorite picture of the whole trip.  You can see Orion (my favorite constellation--probably because it's the easiest for me to find) framed by the canyon.  Oh and in case you couldn't already tell, Dan took this picture.

Another Dan picture of the burning embers in our fire.  He used prolonged exposure and blew on the embers to get the cool streaky effect.  Sigh.  Some day I'll figure out how to take cool pictures too.

That's that for now! I didn't want to overwhelm you with too much at once.  More to come, except probably not until Tuesday, since we MOVE TO KC TOMORROW!!