Wednesday, May 18, 2011


print sold by Gayana, found via pinterest
Glacé is ice cream redefined.  Christopher Elbow, who is also famous for his chocolates, took his creativity to the artisanal ice cream world to much accolade.  Flavors like strawberry balsamic and fleur de sel caramel are sure to entice even the most discerning of ice cream lovers.  I tried the salted pretzel and the roasted beet and goat cheese ice creams when I went with Dan's parents.  Both quite unique flavors, both insanely delicious.  In fact, I liked chocolate ice cream for the very first time ever (yes, I'm weird) when I tried their Venezuelan spiced chocolate.

The store's modern branding created by Nathaniel Cooper and Brent Anderson elevates the experience.  It is so much more sleek and stylized than what you would expect from a traditional ice cream parlor.  Of course, this is no traditional ice cream parlor at all...

All photos by Gabe Hopkins.