Thursday, June 30, 2011

sang and serena company

Hello, beautiful! Sometimes I like to pretend I have lots and lots of money.  It's much more fun to daydream that way.  If this money were real, Sang and Serena Company would get lots of it.  They make the most exquisite bone and mother of pearl inlaid furniture pieces.  The bone (from naturally deceased camels), mother of pearl, and wood are all locally sourced in India, where the furniture is made by artisans. It's so beautiful, so get over that whole dead camel thing already:

As if the furniture wasn't enough, they sell amazing quilts too. These fabrics, unfortunately for my imaginary wallet, are sold out, but they are creating a new line soon.


  1. I love Sang and Serena...I blogged about this once too and said the same thing about how it's fun to pretend you're rich sometimes :)