Monday, June 13, 2011

dog days

A lot of people are dog people.  I never thought I was one of them.  Not wanting to disappoint the dog lovers out there, I have always pretended to think dogs are great.  But really, they made me wince.  They kind of smell, they jump up on you, and they bark...sometimes a lot.  These are all things you can't really say to the doting dog-owner.  But, a few days ago, when I came back to Kansas City after spending a week in Maine, Joey (Dan's dog) was sooooooo excited to see me.  And her unbridled enthusiasm awakened some enthusiasm in me.  And now, for the first time ever, I can genuinely say, I want a dog.  Maybe not right away (okay, definitely not right away), but someday.  Yes.  Someday.  Plus, these guys are pretty cute:

Of course, now that Dan and I are dog-sitting for both Joey and Bernie (his sister and brother-in-law's dog), I am realizing just how much work dogs are. Still, someday.  Now the question isn't "if," but "which kind?"

Collage made on Polyvore.  All images originally found on Pinterest. clockwise from top left: viavia, source not found, viaviavia, and via

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  1. I like the new blog look - and omg now I'm obsessed with Polyvore! YAY!