Thursday, June 16, 2011

rustic chic/ industrial modern country?

The other day Dan's brother-in-law, Matt, asked me what I would call my design style or aesthetic.  He said, "Don't you dare say eclectic."  I wasn't going to say eclectic anyway, but he definitely stumped me.  I like so many styles.  I had to think about it for awhile.

Country came to mind, but I didn't want to say it because it makes me think too much of the 4th of July all year round.  And/or really stiff wooden furniture with obnoxiously patterned pillows and wallpaper from the 80's..specifically that crap with the vines and grapes on it, so you can "live" in a vineyard no matter where you are.  Ew.


I didn't want to say shabby chic, although there might be a bit of that in there too, because all I can think of is Rachel Ashwell's Target line (although I will admit that I've purchased items from it) and that woman on the FoodNetwork whose kitchens always match her recipes.  It's too frilly and girly and filled with roses and white washed everything.  But I do love white wash.  Just all together, it's A LOT.


I don't want to say antique.  If that can even be a style.  But I absolutely l-o-v-e antiques.  I don't want to say modern, although lacquered furniture and straight lines are wonderful.  I love a Scandinavian aesthetic, but so much white makes me a little nervous. 



So, I think my decision is that my style is rustic chic with reclaimed wood furnishings and a French/Belgian influence:


Hmm...maybe with some country cottage color:


And something industrial to give it an edge:


Can I call it industrialized franco-scandinavian rustic chic? Alright, maybe I just don't have a style...If you had to choose, what would your style be?

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  1. I like your agglomerated description the best

  2. hahaha you're hilarious. I love this post so much - and your description is perfect. Love it.

  3. Funny...I googled industrail modern country to see if I could find a style that suited me. I, too, love the shabby, antique, and french country looks but all put together to in a unique "style" that says me. It's like you were reading my mind!

  4. I'm so glad you found this! It is a hard style to pinpoint, I think, but when it's right, it's right.