Thursday, June 23, 2011

historic downtown overland park

As a newbie to Kansas City, my take on Overland Park (a suburb outside of the city) was that it was lots and lots of suburbia and a Whole Foods.  However, I have been proven wrong.  Yesterday, I went to the Overland Park Farmers' Market in search of Pappardelle's ravioli - something that Dan and I bought (and ate!) a lot of at the Vail Farmers' Market - and I must say I found a new spot to add to my list of Kansas City favorites.

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I think I might actually prefer this farmers' market to the one in the River Market (where Dan and I went last weekend).  It is more intimate and the farmers all had signs up about exactly where the produce was grown.  Also, they offer much more than just produce and other foodstuffs. My favorite "extra" being canning classes, so you can learn how to preserve all of the goodies you're buying!  I really want to learn how to can.  Plus, isn't the "discover you can" logo really cute?

But wait, there's more! Historic Downtown Overland Park not only has a great farmers' market, but the streets are also lined with cute and unique shops. I had so much fun wandering Santa Fe Drive and checking everything out.  I started to regret going to the farmers' market first - those tomatoes and turnips got heavy.

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The Tasteful Olive, an independently owned and operated business, sells delicious flavored olive oils and vinegars.  They're in big vats at the store and you can taste them all!  I gave myself a bit of a stomach ache, but they were so delicious that I couldn't stop.  I almost feel bad for people who don't live near here and can't experience this first-hand.

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When I came across Now and Then, a furniture consignment shop, my knees buckled.  The owner, Cheryl Hocker, has done amazing things when refinishing some of the pieces!  If it were socially acceptable, I would have drooled all over the refurbished chairs and tables. I mean this store is what I dream about. It took pretty much all of my self control not to buy anything.  I just kept telling myself that someday, when I have a space of my own, I will be back. And with a vengeance. 

From a bakery, to a sewing store (that offers lessons!), to The Culinary Center of Kansas City (more classes offered here!), to a spice shop there was definitely enough to keep me occupied and still feel like I need to go back for more!  Overland Park: it's not just a Whole Foods anymore.*

*Don't get me wrong. I l-o-v-e Whole Foods and went there next, but still, it's nice to have a main street and a little downtown.


  1. Love this post and that you're getting so into Kansas! Do you watch United States of Tara? It takes place in Overland Park. Also love your new blog header! Well done!!

  2. Yes, I love the Kansas City posts! Keep em coming. Can't wait to visit.

  3. From Robin and the gang at the Downtown Overland Park Partnership . . . thank you for such rave reviews on historic downtown OP! We love all our fabulous merchants, too, and so glad you're a fan. See you soon!

  4. Hi Robin, I'm so glad you liked my post! Downtown OP is great - I'll be back soon!