Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a fresh start

I forgot how hard it is to start a blog. I wrote one all summer about my experiences running a bed and breakfast, among other things. But figured that since I'm no longer a bed and breakfast owner, I should start anew. It was a tough decision for me to start a new blog. I know it sounds so trivial, but that blog really was a part of me for a few months and it's hard to leave behind. After (too) much deliberation, I decided that I want to keep the bed and breakfast blog its own entity, since it documents such a special time in my life. 

So it is here that I'll start over again. This new blog will be quite similar to my old one. (Whoops? Does that defeat the purpose?)  Of course, you'll notice that the blog's title hasn't changed...yet anyway. I think The Good House still sums up what I want this blog to be about, even if it's no longer tied to the bed and breakfast of the same name.  Maybe as this blog grows, I'll change it's name.  But for now, the title is too hard for me to give up. I'll still write about all things home decor and food, with a little bit of fashion thrown in here and there. As these are the things I love the most. There should be plenty of musings about my quasi-nomadic life too.  

OH! And let's not forget photography. My wonderful boyfriend, Dan, bought me a nice, new camera for Christmas. We actually just picked it out yesterday during a trip to Denver. Yes, I know Christmas was a few weeks ago, but I am a very discerning shopper. Haha, okay, that's totally a lie. I normally buy stuff on a whim and am filled with buyer's remorse shortly thereafter...BUT, for such a big, and important purchase, I reverted to my indecisive ways and had a terrible time choosing a camera. PLUS, what they fail to tell you is that then you have to choose a memory card and a camera bag and all sorts of other things. But, after a good two hours in Best Buy yesterday, Dan and I finally walked out with a new Canon Rebel T2i. And I couldn't be happier.

Don't let the fancy camera fool you--I know extremely little about photography. But after a summer of diving head-first into the blog world, I am oh, so excited to learn! I plan to talk about my life by posting a picture a day. The goal is to get me back into the swing of blogging and to learn how to use my new camera. So, dearest currently-nonexistent readers, brace yourselves for the trials and tribulations of my first year of real photography.

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