Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 year anniversary

Vail got 16" last night and Dan and I have the day off! So this is going to be quick---here we are at home before leaving.  Dan's thrilled about me taking his pic while he's trying to watch basketball.

At the restaurant--Dan surprised me with reservations at the Swiss Chalet.  A really nice restaurant that serves raclette and fondue! Two of my favorites from France.  Bring on the melted cheese!

My appetizer included scallops, obviously.  YUM.  Although, Dan and I agreed we didn't really like the sauce--it was too bitter.  Dan got a delicious squash soup that had cheese curds in it.  I mean, why wouldn't you add cheese?

Cheers to two years!

Our raclette cooking machine! If I ever stop moving every 6 months, I'm definitely investing in one of these.  I love raclette.  It was one of the first means I enjoyed when I was visiting France in high school.  So eating it always brings back good memories for me. 

Dan and me at our table with LOTS and LOTS of food.  We couldn't finish it all! 

A view of my fondue pot and Dan greasing his raclette machine with a piece of bacon (the waitress told us to do that).

Dan cooking his meat and veggies.

A few views after we were all done. 

SO full.  We had grand intentions of getting the choclate fondue for dessert, but couldn't do it.  Maybe we'll just have to go back? 

Haha, my full face sucks.  I just look like an angry monkey.  All in all, it was a great 2 year anniversary! Gotta go skiing now! 


  1. awesome pics! i've never had raclette. your outfit looks great! and yes, you like exactly like an angry monkey

  2. Love! So happy you're back! :)