Friday, February 25, 2011

whoa. find and save kansas city

Some things are just meant to be.  Do you ever have those moments where things just fall into place perfectly?  Like a glitch in the Matrix? Maybe? Even though, to be completely honest with you, I don't really know what a glitch in the Matrix means, because I fell asleep during that movie.  Go ahead, hate me. It's true.  I fall asleep during lots of movies.  I fell asleep during Avatar too.  I should probably stop admitting to these things.

ANYWAY, my most recent fortuitous "glitch" is that right after I wrote my last post, I went to check out other blogs, checked out Full House (as previously mentioned in Blog Love) and clicked my way to Melanie's blog at Find and Save in Kansas City.  UM, hello! If you're currently in Kansas City and don't already follow this blog, I definitely suggest that you start!  But also, this will be a great way for me to find new places in KC.  Whenever I visit,  I joke with Dan's family about how I cannot find my way around for the life of me, despite the fact that KC is essentially laid out on a grid.  (This is tourist anger karma coming back to bite me in the butt.)  Melanie divulges where to find great clothing bargains and reviews different restaurants and shops she visits.

On the website there are other deals that remind me of groupon, but I'm most interested in the blog. I'm new to this blog, but Melanie Knopke, a former clothing buyer, calls herself the Shopping Scout and she posts about all sorts of cool things/finds in Kansas City and even includes street addresses for where to find them!  She has another blog called Scout- a Mom's guide to stylish living.  And while I'm not a mom, it's still a pretty awesome blog with lots of fashion and home decor advice.  Check them both out!  I can't wait to live somewhere where it's NOT common practice to wear long underwear as pants :)

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