Thursday, February 3, 2011

change of rules

Alright, I know I promised a picture a day, but clearly I'm failing miserably at it.  And, not being one to enjoy failure, I'm just going to revoke my promise.  Ha...see where my values lie?  I'm just kidding about the values.  But seriously, this one picture a day thing has really been getting me down.  I feel like I can't blog about anything, because I don't have a good picture to go with it.  So, instead of trying to take a picture, I just don't post.  I'm sorry, but I just can't do it. I do still promise to post pictures often (like now),  just not daily.

Dan and I went to Kansas City for this past weekend, with a quick stop in Denver on our way.  We visited our roommate Jim (who only lives in Vail very part-time but is mostly in Denver) and had a blast.  Jim lives in the most phenomenal building ever smack dab in downtown Denver (his place looks out over the Denver Convention Center) that is filled with amenities like pools and hot tubs (outdoors) and fire pits and a gym and a huuuuge theater room and all sorts of cool common areas.  Not to mention TVs in the elevators.  I know that maybe this isn't the best analogy, but it kind of reminded me of the Real World.  Just not trashy and drunken (okay maybe a liiitttle drunken).  But a place so cool you just wish you could live there.  And for a night, Dan and I did.

This picture doesn't really do the view justice, since you can see reflections of the bar stools and me in it. But, it is a great view! And just as good in the daytime, as the Rockies are lurking just behind those lights that go on forever.  Also, Jim has a corner unit and out of the other side of windows (floor to ceiling on all walls, mind you) you can see right into the Ritz.  (I think it's the Ritz? Some fancy hotel anyway.)  And it's realllly fun to spy! Haha, we watched people get lost in hallways and a kid jumping on the bed and the ensuing pillow fight.  Quite entertaining, although I did feel like a bit of a creep.  Luckily, nothing x-rated happened while we watched.  After hanging out in Jim's apartment for a bit, we went out to a bunch of places nearby:  The Four Seasons, a champagne bar and an Italian place.  It was so much fun and almost difficult to leave the next day, minus the fact that Kansas awaited us.

OH WAIT PS I forgot to tell you one of the coolest things about Jim's apartment.  Actually two of the coolest things:  1) We didn't actually stay with Jim.  We stayed in his building, but the building has guest suites that you can get for friends if you live there so they don't actually have to stay with you and drive you nuts.  How awesome is that? Our guest suite was pretty cool, but not as cool as Jim's corner unit.  2) LOOK at what Jim has:

Yup! That's an Olympic Gold Medal from Beijing!!! Jim is basically in charge of (aka I don't really know his title) the USA Basketball Team, so when they win gold, Jim wins gold too.  I asked him if I could touch it and gingerly stuck out a finger to poke at it.  Jim laughed at me and told me to try it on and take some pics.  He even said we could use his coffee table as our podium.  (Don't worry mothers who are reading this--we were polite and kept our feet on the floor.)

This post is getting long, so I think the Kansas City part will have to be separate.  Soon, soon, I promise.

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