Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am sick of my hair.  It is boring and blah and, as I like to joke (although fear is the truth), is mousy brown.   I also have been wearing it in the same loose bun and/or pony tail since the 8th grade (my middle school friends can attest to this).  It is safe to say:  I'm in a hair rut.

The problem is I don't know if I could afford to keep up with highlights or dyeing.  And, to be completely honest, it's not practical to wear your hair down while teaching skiing.  Although some girls do.  They're just like those girls who wear their hair down while running on the treadmill at the gym.  WHAT?  Why on earth would you do such a thing??  I always want to interrupt their run to ask them if they'd like to borrow an extra hair band (I tend to have at least 2 at all times on my never know when one might snap!).  I mean seriously.  Do you need to look good so badly that you want to wear your hair down while you sweat?  Gross.

Tangent aside, I have been noticing some cool new casual up-dos on blogs lately.  Everything Fabulous, in particular, has shown some really great ideas:

The double knot seems relatively simple--just like knotting a string, plus bobby pins.  Click on the link for a tutorial.   Another great style from Everything Fabulous is this ponytail:

If I could make my hair do this, I would be the happiest girl alive!  However, I have no idea how.  Unfortunately, there was no tutorial on Everything Fabulous.  Can anyone who is more hair savvy than I figure it out?   And then explain it to me as if you were talking to a 3-year old?

Joanna Goddard just put another great tutorial on A Cup of Jo.   In case you didn't know, I love J. Crew and Joanna posted all about how to make a great, messy side-ponytail, just like you'll find all over J. Crew's latest catalog.

photo by Jamie Beck

I guess I need to get practicing! Because even relatively simple tasks like this leave me bewildered and frustrated.  Is that redundant?  If I do ever successfully complete one of these looks, I'll force Dan to take a picture so I can show it to you all!

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  1. yeah- those look awesome, but how would you do it?!
    i agree- girls who run with their hair down are nutty! they're like those girls who play soccer games with makeup on. weird.