Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kansas city

Alright, this post took way to look to be published, but things have been crazy here since Dan and I got back from Kansas. Anyway, let me tell you about it:

Our flight was uneventful, phew.  And we made it to the airport with enough time to eat Panda Express before our flight boarded at 10:15 am.  Yes, that's right. Dan and I ate Panda Express, chow mein, orange chicken and all BEFORE 10 am.  Yes, I know it's disgusting.  And yes, given the chance, I would probably do it again.  Please don't stop being my friend.

While in Kansas, I hung out with these four characters:

Meet Zoe, Maggie, Joey, and Bernie: formerly my worst Kansas enemies, now my furry friends. I can pet them and hold them and try to get them to do tricks.  I was pretty excited about all of this.  Although it took some serious self-restraint to NOT wash my hands immediately after touching them--I guess I have trained my allergic self well over the years!  I did feel a bit of a reaction--a slightly itchy eye or lip here and there.  All in all though, it's such a huge improvement from before--looks like that "voodoo" doctor is working! 

Dan and Chrissy (his sister) got to go to the KU- K-State basketball game.  The game was highly anticipated, as K-State began the season ranked higher than KU, an egregious insult to the historically better KU team. 

Jim (see my post about staying in Denver) used his basketball clout to hook Dan up with some pretty amazing seats.  Dan brought our new camera and took some really amazing shots, including this one of Thomas Robinson, whose mother tragically passed away only a week prior. Not to mention that he had to be told the horrible news by his 7-year old sister, because both of his grandparents had died within the past month or two.  The NCAA, rather uncharacteristically, let the team fly out to DC for his mom's funeral.  Watching Robinson play so well under such  horrendous circumstances was really inspirational. The game was a blow out, with Kansas beating K-State 90 to 66.  

Aside from getting riled up about basketball and trying to teach Joey how to "speak," we ate a lot of delicious food (including the popovers shown above), went shopping, and just spent time hanging out.  It was a great, relaxing visit, albeit a rather short one.  But, in just a few short months, we'll be back for awhile---look out Kansas City, here we come!

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