Sunday, December 18, 2011

o tannenbaum

For the past three years, my Christmases have been treeless.  This year, determined to have a tree, I dragged Dan to the lot and carefully selected the best one (we wanted to go chop our own down, something I've never done before, but we didn't have time).  A big problem with not having had a Christmas tree before is that we also don't have any ornaments. Alright, that's a bit of a lie - we have two - one of Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth and one antique key that Dan's sister bought for me at an antiques fair.  So we made the rest of them! We're so resourceful :)

Below are Dan's wrapped presents in all their glory.  They're all wrapped in grocery store bags and are mostly decorated with things I had lying around the house.  I made the burlap bow with fabric scraps from another burlap project and used fallen pine cones, branches, and cones from magnolia trees (a new personal favorite) for other embellishments.

Creepy story about me as a little kid/possibly tmi?  I used to sit in front of our Christmas tree for extended periods of time forcing myself to cry so the lights would look all blurry.  I was such a creeper, right? Please don't stop being my friend.  Luckily, I have discovered the wonders of bokeh...I'm pretty sure crying in front of the Christmas tree is even less acceptable as a 27-year old.