Friday, December 2, 2011

first of december: green goal

My final green goal of the year is to be as green as possible around the holidays.  This time of year has a tendency to be so wasteful - wrapping paper, left-overs, Christmas trees, etc.  In the spirit of the holidays, I challenge you to re-imagine what you have into something beautiful.  I have collected a few ideas to inspire you to join me.  

First up, economic and environmentally friendly ways to trim the tree and then what you could do with the darn thing afterwards!
recycled ribbon chain
map ornaments
Next - ways to reduce your "wrapping paper footprint" (yes, I just coined that term). 

wrapping with Trader Joe's bags
repurpose newspaper for wrapping and bows
Finally, using natural elements in your decor is a great way to bring nature inside, save some money, and reduce your plastic consumption.  Bonus points if you compost these elements after the holiday season or save them (the ones that wouldn't rot only, please) to use again next year! 

cranberry ice luminaries (okay these need to be outside)
pine cone garland
driftwood christmas tree
I hope these images have inspired you to use natural elements in your decor and to reuse some of the things that we normally throw away without a second thought this holiday season.

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  1. I love the pine-cone garland and the trader joe's wrapping! i might actually do the trader joe's wrapping paper, but unfortunately dont think i could pull off the pine-cones.