Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

Sorry for the absence around here lately.  Dan and I have been busy moving - we're now living with his friend, Kyle, in a town home that's only about 2 miles from Dan's parents' house.  While much easier than the cross-country moves we're accustomed to, this move almost seemed more laborious as we made lots of little trips back and forth. 

In other big news, I start my job as an insurance underwriter tomorrow! I am excited and a bit nervous and also a little sad to be leaving my early retirement :)

Anyway, after I get some more moving-in done today, I will be out to buy some candy in the hopes that some of these little guys knock on our door this evening:

I would wear this
amazing. love the mismatched shoes.
hahaha, poor kid.
most adorable little girl. ever.  check out the other photos on the blog too - love them!

How cute are they?!  Do you think the kid dressed as Kip will be emotionally scarred when he figures out what his costume is? Haha, I think it's hilarious.

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