Wednesday, October 19, 2011

vinalhaven 1: it's all about tradition

Lynsey and Jenny's grandparents, Nana and Papa, have a house on Vinalhaven, an island off of mid-coast Maine.  Many summers we would all pile into cars and then board the ferry for a weekend visit.  This summer the tradition remained alive.  Here are ten things you need to know/do to ensure a great day on Vinalhaven:

1. Wake up very early to catch the ferry from Rockland to Vinalhaven.  The preferred time to leave Cape Elizabeth is 6 a.m. Make sure donuts (Mrs. Dunster's, of course) are in tow.

2.  The best days start out as pea soup days.

3. Try not to eat all of the donuts on the ferry ride over.  You need to save some for Nana and Papa.

4. Once the fog starts to clear, wave to the lobstermen as you go by.

5. Wave to Nana and Papa when the ferry goes by their house. (This is the most important step.)

6. Be really excited/surprised when Nana and Papa wave back (even though they do this every time).

7. Try to contain the excitement of knowing you'll be on Vinalhaven very soon.

8. Pile into Papa's truck and hold on tight while he backs down the driveway!

10.  Drink coffee and eat those donuts (finally).  Then enjoy the view.

That's it! That's the key to a great day in one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth!  I'll post more pictures from Vinalhaven tomorrow.