Monday, October 17, 2011

upta camp

In Maine, you call your second home a camp.  It's not a ski cabin. It's not a lake house.  It's a camp.  And, generally as a joke (although probably some people aren't joking), when you go to your camp, you can say you're headed "upta camp."  I never knew this camp business was unusual until I went to college.  New friends mistakenly thought that I either spent a lot of chilly, ski weekends in tents or that my family owned a summer camp for children.  Luckily, we got all of this sorted out and I have trained myself to use the word "cabin" to refer to my camp when talking to people "from away."

Anyway, when my dad emailed me asking what colors he should paint the walls at camp, I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I spent some time searching through my Pinterest boards for inspiration and have come up with the following photos:

Can you tell I'm into the whole grey thing?  I am obsessed with walls of that color.  I think a deep, warm grey would be so cozy when it's cold and snowy outside, but not obnoxiously cheerful like a sunshine yellow.  Maybe with touches of red, to ensure warmth?   My other thoughts would be a warm wheat colored neutral - although we do have real wood paneling on some walls and I fear that wheat against wood is too much brown.  Perhaps wheat in the family room without any paneling? 

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  1. I will say that as someone that has a family lake house no one in our family calls it a camp. I think you need to clarify that Mainers call it a camp.

  2. Hi, I thought I was clear that I meant that Mainers call it a "camp," not other people. If you meant that "not all Mainers call it a camp," that is true too. I just didn't feel it was a necessary addition to my story. Also in my experience many/most Mainers do refer to their second homes as camps. Sorry if I offended you!

  3. I think you need a warm-ish gray because you'll be coming in from the cold in the winter and need to be cozy. I vote not the wheat color!

  4. Thanks for your advice, dbelle! I agree - especially about the purple! I love the gray idea and am thinking of either a green, navy, or bittersweet color for the entryway.