Wednesday, September 28, 2011

stockholm museums and scenes

Today's post is a bit of a hodge-podge of museum and scenery pictures of which I am especially fond.  I had a great day with my mom, visiting museums, wandering the city and shopping. The first three pictures are from the Museum of Antiquities.  I loved the drama of that hallway.

Me with a view. Ugh, look at the view please, not me and my squishy eye.  Anyway, there is this wonderful walkway along Södermalm, one of the islands that makes up Stockholm, from which you can view Stockholm proper (? I'm not really sure; all of this island business confuses me a bit) and Gamla Stan.  It's the perfect place for a quiet stroll away from the bustle of the city.

Also on the island of Södermalm is this amazing enclave of summer cottages.  Tucked away between a large park and high-rise apartments are these adorable, teeny-tiny cottages surrounded by gorgeous gardens.  I guess the people who own them visit them for a short periods at a time throughout the summer.  What a fun thing to have!

My mom and I took some time to go souvenir one of the stores, I spotted jeans with the best name ever.  I have always wanted someone to name an article of clothing after ever since middle school when I poured over Delia's catalogs.  Now it's happened! Too bad these jeans don't exist in America...

I have read numerous times about art in the subway stations of Stockholm's Tunnelbana.  Preferring to spend my time above ground, I have never been in the stations that are most highly touted for their artistic merits, however the station near our apartment was quite pretty:

Two more gorgeous pictures of blue skies in Stockholm.  The first one is of the water between the islands of Östermalm and Djurgarden. The next one is of the front of the Nordic Museum, a museum that chronicles centuries of Swedish life - from folk art, to religious traditions and holidays, to home design.  I love this museum.

Only one more post on the vacation to come!  For now, anyway.  I might share some other details with you later!