Thursday, September 8, 2011

copenhagen living

It's no secret that I love Scandinavian design.  A large part of our trip revolved around me drooling over interior design both in stores and in the places we stayed.  We used the wonderful site to rent entire apartments for our stays in Copenhagen and Stockholm.  This afforded us much more space than a hotel at a fraction of the price! Plus it gave me a first-hand peek into real Scandinavian homes. Who needs room service anyway?

It seems that no windowsill in Sweden or Copenhagen is left bare.  I was constantly finding windows with treasured trinkets on display.  The apartment we rented in Copenhagen was no exception to this rule.

The bathroom light fixture and window.  Did I mention the tile floors in the bathroom were heated? Flossing would never be a chore if I lived here - any excuse to keep my feet on those warm tiles for just a bit longer!

Another Scandinavian love: gorgeous toys.  In America we seem to be overrun with plastic junk.  Scandinavian toys are gorgeous, functional, and generally made from wood.  Take that Polly Pocket.

Beautiful colors and sunlight.  The M & M on the back wall is for the couple who own the apartment.  Also, do you see the light fixture on the wall?  Superb.

Okay, perhaps I am being blinded by my love of Scandinavia, but even the simplest things seemed to be more gorgeous there.  Like these garlic cloves and hot peppers.  Love is blind? What does that even mean?  I'm after the concept of beer goggles, except minus that whole drunk bit.

A drawer filled with beautiful plates, bowls and wooden slabs.  I'm not sure what those are supposed to be used for - individual bread boards? Tiny cutting boards? (Just kidding...I think.)  I would use them at a party with breads and cheeses.  Maybe you could use it instead of an hors-d'oeuvres plate.  Regardless of how you're supposed to use them, I think they're versatile and gorgeously rustic and I wish I had some of my own.

My bedroom.  Well it isn't really mine. Obviously it belongs to M&M's kid.  But I loved borrowing it for a few days!  The bookshelf appears to float on the wall.  There was also an antique wooden crate that "floated" over my bed- the perfect alternative to a night stand. Although I must admit I was afraid that if I sat up quickly in the night, I would bonk my head on it. 

These photos are all from our apartment in Copenhagen.  If you're heading there and would like to rent it, I would be happy to show you how to find it online.

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