Friday, September 23, 2011

autumn list

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1.  Start knitting again
2.  Carve a pumpkin

Bittersweet wreath by MS
3.  Make a fall wreath
4.  Drink spiced/spiked hot apple cider

salted pumpkin caramels from food52
5.  Bake something(s) pumpkin flavored
6.  Take pictures of colorful foliage

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7.  Wear scarves and plaid and blazers, oh my!
8.  Go to a corn field maze (I have always wanted to do this and I'm pretty sure Kansas is the best possible place to make it happen)

what I'm reading now

9.  Read a lot of books
10. Make food with butternut squash

corn, buttermilk and chive popovers from smitten kitchen
11. Experiment with pop-over flavors
12. Go to fall fairs

all images found via pinterest


  1. hey lady! i have a suggestion for your #10 goal about butternut sqaush: i made this mac and cheese this weekend and it was SO good. i was nervous about the whole sqaush/food processor thing but it was really easy. you should try it!

  2. oooh yay! i can't wait to try it!