Monday, September 12, 2011

blog love: a cup of jo (and organized photography)

Coming home from vacation I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful things to catch up on in the blogosphere!  One of my all-time favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, written by Joanna Goddard had quite a few new posts that I like so much I felt an urgent need to share them here.  First up, this one about Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli's new book, The Art of Clean Up.  It features everyday scenes organized into neat rows.  Obviously, I am obsessed.

How amazing are these images?! And how time consuming? Just look at all of those alphabet noodles.  This definitely speaks to my obsessive need to organize and make lists.  Also, at first I thought I was really smart and had picked up on a mistake in the picture of the bowl with the fruit.  The bowl in the first picture has polka dots, whereas the turned over one does not.  Then I realized, the dots are in a line too! Love it. Thanks, Joanna, for sharing!