Friday, August 19, 2011

rogues gallery

I dragged Dan out to the Old Port to peruse my favorite shops.  Just when he was starting to hit his shopping limit, I coerced (more like forced) him into going to just one more shop with me - Rogues Gallery. Catering to men's fashion (although I must admit they sell many items that I would like for myself), Rogues Gallery was the perfect last stop for Dan.

there's nothing better than a vacationland tee
this one is pretty awesome too
love this one so much, I'm seriously wondering if it would fit me
they call this a mapcase. I call it my new make up bag? 
love the plaid on this flannel
shark jaw awesomeness
The guy apparel perked Dan up.  Of course it also didn't hurt that when we walked into the store, the guy working there said, "you went to KU [must interject that Dan was obviously wearing some piece of KU apparel]? I went to Mizzou."  In case you don't know, KU and Mizzou have a rivalry not unlike that of the Red Sox/Yankees.  Still, when you're in Maine you can forget about this a bit and be happy that somebody knows KU isn't in Kentucky.

Of course, the coincidences didn't stop there.  I'm pretty sure the phrases "small world" and "parallel lives" were dropped a dozen times.  Adam (the guy working at RG) is living in Maine with his girlfriend for the summer and fixing up her family home on an island.  Not unlike what Dan and I did last summer.  He also used to live in Colorado.  And, he was heading back to Kansas City the following weekend to go to a wedding, while we were in town from Kansas City for a wedding.  I think there were some more random connections, but they have since slipped from my memory.

Great clothes, lots of plaid, and a fellow Midwesterner - Rogues Gallery was just what the doctor ordered for tired Dan.


  1. love the cool t's! glad you found a dan-friendly shop.