Friday, August 12, 2011

love that dirty water, take 2

With such gorgeous weather, we couldn't resist walking across the city to the Red Sox game.  I loved soaking in all the history of Boston and some new touches too, like these bikes that are now located all over the place just like in Europe! I'm so happy American cities are jumping on board!  (Secretly, I think I would be terrified to bike in Boston. People are such crazy drivers there.)

Fanieul Hall + skyscraper
Nothing bugs me more than when people don't know how to pronounce Fanieul Hall.  Yes, I get that it's tricky, it sounds like Nathaniel, but it's not, people.  It's with an "F" and named for the man who built it in 1742.  It's a pretty cool place that still has political significance - it's where immigrants go in Boston when they become legal US Citizens.  Dan and I once walked by while this was happening and it was so much fun to watch everyone celebrate, waving their little American flags.

Old State House
The Old State House in Boston, built in 1713, now stands dwarfed by the surrounding skyscrapers.  Its beauty still lends it an air of significance, however.  I appreciate that the city of Boston has found ways to work around its precious history.  In 1776 crowds gathered around this building to hear a reading of the Declaration of Independence.  Today the building is a museum.

old and new even in the sidewalk grates

cemetery fence

scaffolding covers a newer building

My parents and I are walking along the Granary Burying Ground where many of the famous colonial Americans, like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Peter Fanieul, are buried.

Dan tricking a squeeelll (ticky, ticky)

One of the best things about Boston?  The way everyone rallies around the sports teams.  If you were from somewhere else, you might think it's crazy, but Bostonians (and New Englanders in general) feel very strong loyalty to their Boston teams.  Little homages scattered all over the city remind us of the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup victory. (Go B's!)

The Public Garden and Boston Commons are wonderful places to spend a sunny afternoon.  Although a fraction of the size of Central Park, they still feel like an escape from the bustle of the city.  It's nice to relax on a bench while watching the swans float by.

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey made the Public Gardens famous to the world and is memorialized in this sculpture, which is constantly surrounded by little least until my best friends from college and I kick them off to sit on the ducks and have our picture taken.  Seriously. We did that.

Beautiful town homes on Newbury or Commonwealth.  Ever since I can remember I have dreamt of living on Commonwealth Ave...I'll keep dreaming about it :)

A peek at an old church I don't know the name of (sorry!) through some buildings.  Dan's obsession with fire escapes continues.  

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