Saturday, July 30, 2011

channeling my inner jenna lyons

The other day I channeled my inner-Jenna Lyons, played J.Crew creative director for an afternoon, and got to work re-inventing a big faux pearl choker from an estate sale. 

This was the easiest thing in the world to make!  And doesn't it remind you of something you might buy at J.Crew? All I did was tie a knot of ribbon over the clasp at one end of the necklace and wrap the ribbon around the loop on the other end.  I also tied a few knots haphazardly throughout the ribbon to make the necklace the right length.  I might embellish it a bit more at some point - maybe add some gold beads on either side of the knots in the ribbon or perhaps a brooch or fabric flower, but for right now, I think it's pretty nice!


  1. I think you are getting better at taking pictures. And I like how you put the words on the pictures! Very impressive...