Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cozy bedrooms

Perhaps due to my recent bout of insomnia, cozy bedrooms have been catching my eye lately.  Not the super stylized bedrooms that make you nervous to step foot in, let alone sleep in, but the real kind that's just begging you to stop and stay awhile.  And maybe take a nap or two.

via apartment therapy

via tiny white daisies
via this old house


  1. Hey Kristen, sorry you are having insomnia. That is no fun.
    Those rooms are all super cozy. Reminds me of a bed and breakfast I stayed in once. Loved the quilts, and cozy decor.

    Hope you get some good rest soon!

    P.S. Don't know if you like milk or not, but hot milk and honey is very soothing, as is a cup of chamomile before bed time. That helped me when I was having trouble sleeping. Well, that and not being near my cell, t.v., or internet, a couple hours before bedtime).

  2. thanks for the kind words and advice! I will have to give the milk and/or tea thing a try!