Monday, June 11, 2012

weekend living

There's nothing better than a productive weekend.  This weekend, I painted an accent wall, moved more furniture back onto the new floors, started weeding our impossibly over grown garden, and spent a lot of time playing with the puppy.  I even managed to find some quiet time to enjoy the cool morning with a cup of coffee and some grapefruit and I worked on catching up on my magazine subscriptions.  I was so surprised when I realized the magazine I was reading was from April! I guess I really have been busy!
Oh! And I finally got that awesome Angela Adams doormat that I ordered from so long ago. I'm so excited to have my very first Angela Adams rugh (indulge me and let me call it that please).  I sincerely hope it's not my last!

I snuck plenty of pictures and spent time with friends and family.  Dan's cousin, Jessie, brought me that beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas from her garden.  I love them! I think once I get all the weeds out, some hydrangeas will just have to go into the newly vacant garden beds. I had also forgotten how refreshing grapefruit can taste on a hot summer's day.  I guess it's not technically summer yet, but it certainly felt like it this weekend.

And of course little monster took up a lot of my time.  He looks so calm and pensive in this photo, and he often is adorably perplexed by most things in life.  However, he is definitely getting bigger and growing into a really rambunctious puppy, too.  He loves to nip our fingers and toes and given a minute alone really does find the one pair of shoes you can't live without to call lunch.  How do they know?


  1. great photos and what a lovely weekend! was feeling mopey and your post cheered me right up!

    1. yay i'm glad it cheered you up! no moping! thinking of you! xoxo