Thursday, June 14, 2012

puppy love: broken record

If you were a fly on my wall for the past few weeks, you might think there's a broken record around here.  I've been saying a lot of, "Good pee! Good pee! Good pee!" Immediately followed by, "No bite! No bite! No bite!" Sometimes I wonder if I'll forget how to say anything else at all.
Of course, Oliver is so cute and curious that it's hard to really care what my vocabulary becomes. I find myself growling and barking and mimicking dog sounds. I'm learning to speak dog.

He's learning how to talk too. His quiet whimpering has turned into some quite loud yelps in the last couple of days.  If I had to place bets, I wouldn't think it would be long until he can full-on bark.  It's crazy how quickly he's growing.  Tomorrow marks his 2 month birthday! Yay Oliver! Does that mean I get to have cake?


  1. yay for more pictures of oliver! my dad is about to get a puppy. eek! I'm sure I will be visiting his house and helping out/cuddling a lot in the near future.