Monday, January 23, 2012

blog love: hooked on houses (and a great home in camden, maine)

Alright, I wrote a big long thing on how Dan's mom introduced me to this blog, Hooked on Houses, and how I love it so much I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing, becuase all I want to do is spend hours every day looking at all of the homes Julia, the blog's author, has profiled.  And then when I tried to post this from my iPhone this morning, all of the content was deleted.  Sigh.

So, in an effort to just get this out there (I'm on my lunch break, right now!), I'm going to forego all of the jazz about wishing I could afford a $2 million house in my favorite place in the whole world (Camden, Maine) and just let this amazing house speak for itself.

Also, you should definitely check out Hooked on Houses - just be sure you have plenty of time to spare when you do.  Because I promise you'll get sucked in.  Also, if you do happen to have a few mil floating around, you can contact the realtor here.