Thursday, April 14, 2011


Get ready for a lot of pictures from my girls' trip to Moab!  We left a snowy Vail to come back to another storm.  The three days of quasi sunshine and 70 degree weather were an incredibly welcome break.

The cast of characters: Aimee, Nicole, Aly, Jackie and Julie

We brought a tent that sleeps 8!  Slumber party!

The first signs of spring

One morning was quite overcast, so we decided to grab breakfast at the Moab Diner while waiting for the skies to clear.

An old fence constructed by a man from Ohio who moved to Moab seeking drier climates in 1890.

This is the cabin he constructed around 1900 when his daughter, son-in-law and their kids moved out and found his previous shelter to be "too primitive."  Can you imagine 5 people living in there? Yikes.

Interesting rocks

The girls trekking to Delicate Arch

First view of Delicate Arch

Me looking out over the Arches National Park

Aly enjoying the view

Watch your step!

Delicate Arch

Aimee doing a headstand in the middle of Delicate Arch, much to the awe of everyone else around

Refilling our water bottles at a fresh spring!

Can you see the climbers about 2/3 of the way up?  So intense.  I would totally pee in my pants.

Preparing for one of, oh, 20 attempted jumping pics

So tense


Success!  Kinda! Finally!

All in all, our trip to Moab was great fun...although, too short.  We had a great time talking around the campfire, making dinners with limited tools (luckily Aimee and Aly were slightly more prepared than most of us), jumping at the sight of field mice running around the campsite after dark, scaring ourselves with ghost stories, thrift store shopping, trucker hat/t-shirt making, and hiking through the National Park. 

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