Thursday, August 2, 2012

puppy love: oliver antics

Sometimes we'll give Oliver cardboard boxes as toys.  Just like with kids - cardboard boxes almost always seem to be a bigger hit than the toys you actually spent money on. I came around the corner one morning to find this cardboard box particularly destroyed. So far, Oliver doesn't eat the remnants, he just chews on them until they're disgustingly slimy and leaves them to stick on the floor.  It's really fun to clean up.  But hey, whatever keeps him entertained, right?

Oliver also likes to get his tummy rubbed.  A lot. Could be #2 on his list of all-time favorite things to do.  Eating is #1.  Without fail if you start to pet him, he will roll onto his back and just wait for the tummy rubbing to begin.  I like that.