Sunday, July 8, 2012

puppy love: oliver: 1, sprinkler: 0

Oliver LOVES the water. We first realized it when our neighbor, who (without any planning or communication between us) also got a puppy who just happens to be a day older than Oliver, filled up a kiddie pool with water for the dogs.  Oliver jumped right in and started "doggy paddling" (he wasn't quite swimming because the pool isn't deep enough) and our neighbor's dog, Tana, refused to join.  It is so amazing to me how dogs have these natural tendencies, this inherent knowledge of what to do.  What would take a human child days/weeks/months to learn, Oliver did immediately upon hitting the water at 8 weeks.  Crazy.

Anyway, we, as of yet, do not have a kiddie pool for the Liver to play in, so sometimes we try to get him to run through the sprinkler.  He doesn't like it nearly as much as the kiddie pool.  I think he doesn't quite get what's going on.  However, he will run up to it and try to bite the water.  You show 'em, Oliver.

And, he's really cute when he's sopping wet.  Well, let's be honest, he's really cute all the time.