Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tbf: garden time

Things are growing in our garden! I'm so excited about it.  It's funny to me how every year when the seasons change, I get just as excited as the year before.  I hope that never changes.  I have been stalking the peonies outside (these pictures are actually a few weeks old and the peonies are all gone now. tear.), watching them unfold and bloom and keeping my fingers crossed that more buds will appear.  I don't want them to go.  

Yes, I know these are roses and not peonies, but they deserve a photo, too, right?
However, mother nature won't leave me sad for long.  Just as the peonies have gone our first tomatoes have begun to sprout.  The thought of a perfectly ripe, mid-summer tomato makes me salivate.  I'd be hard pressed to find anything more delicious. Again, these pictures are a bit dated, so the tomato plants are much larger now.  I enjoy being able to document this and have concrete evidence of how they've grown.

peas, please!

The tomato plants have grown so big and now require cages.  There are little fruits about the size of a...well...I can't think of anything that size. Smaller than a golf ball, bigger than a marble...Help me out here?

And again with the peonies.  Aren't they just beautiful? There's something about their vibrant hues and delicate nature.  I know I'm not the first person to oooh and aahh over peonies and I know I'm far from the last, but let's just take a minute to sit here and bask in their glory (even if it is only in a photograph).