Friday, March 25, 2011

iPhone4 case round up

Dan said he'd get me an iPhone4 for my birthday.  I know, my birthday was last month, but to get the phone, I need to renew my contract with Verizon.  And, of course, there are no Verizon stores between here and Denver.  And, of course, ever since my birthday we have been super busy at ski school with only one day a week off.  And it has been snowy.  And I just don't want to drive 3-4 (or more depending on the weather) hours to get a phone when I only have one day off a week.  BUT, don't get me wrong.  I am absurdly excited about this present.  I think about it almost constantly.  I never realized how obsessed I could be with a phone.  But I am, oh, I am.

Since I'm going to be cooler than I've ever been before with my new iPhone (yes, I will shamelessly admit that I think my iPhone will make me cool), let's take a look at iPhone covers.  As much as I love the design of the iPhone4, I really don't trust myself not to drop and break it within an hour (let's be honest-a minute) of getting it.

Kate Spade has some really gorgeous iPhone cases.  What does she make that isn't gorgeous?? Anyway, I think they're great, style-wise, but I am nervous about their efficacy at actually protecting my phone.  Does anyone have first-hand experience with these?  My favorite reminds me of a Hudson's Bay blanket:

Kate Spade iPhone Case, $35

Rouge & co. on Etsy has some pretty awesome monogrammed iPhone cases.  You can mix and match fonts, colors and patterns to create your very personalized iPhone cover.  The only problem would be which patterns, colors and font to choose???

rouge & co. cases, $52 +

Or there's the Countour Hardskin Case straight from the Apple website.  It gets high user ratings and is supposed to be very protective.  It's not as exciting looking though:
Contour HardSkin Case, $29.95
My friend Jackie has a Speck case for her iPhone.  She says it's very protective.  Hers is brightly colored, but I like the clear one too.
Speck SeeThru Case, $29.95

Speck CandyShell Case, $34.95

So, which one should I get???


  1. obsessed with the first one. i love that you said it looks like a hudson bay blanket! im sort of a klutz so id prob have to go with one of the plastic ones though! yayy cant wait to see what you pick!

  2. I like the blue speck case or the teal-ish hard candy one!